Float Nashville

woman in a float tank

Float Nashville offers a unique wellness experience, inviting you to explore the benefits of sensory deprivation in their state-of-the-art float tanks. Ranked as the top Spa & Wellness experience in Nashville by Trip Advisor, it's a destination for those seeking a new kind of relaxation and focus.

Their float tanks, filled with 1000-1200 lbs of salt and skin temperature water, provide an unparalleled weightless experience, ideal for mental clarity, muscle recovery, and improved sleep. Each tank, whether an open style for those with mobility or claustrophobia concerns or a traditional closed tank, offers the same immersive experience in the dark.

Beyond relaxation, floating has significant therapeutic benefits. It's effective for stress relief, chronic pain management, anxiety reduction, and aids in meditation, helping individuals achieve a deep state of relaxation. Expectant mothers can find relief from pregnancy discomforts, and many report enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills after a float session. Additionally, floating has shown promise in alleviating PTSD symptoms, making it a versatile wellness tool. Whether you're looking for a relaxing experience or help alleviating pain or other discomforts, Float Nashville is your go-to for a unique wellness outing. 

Float Nashville

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2701 Greystone Road, Suite B
Nashville, TN. 37204

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